Prizm Core update


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This update improves the hold algorithm.

1. Fixed a bug with negative hold

This is a rare error that occurs when the following conditions are met:

  • account A balance must be less than 1000 PZM
  • account A must receive an incoming transaction for such an amount N so that its balance after the transaction is greater than or equal to 1000 PZM and less than or equal to 110,000 PZM
  • account A must have created at least one block within the last 100,000 blocks
  • the block in which A received the transaction must be rolled back (two blocks were created at the same height by different accounts, as a result of which one of them is discarded by the network — rolled back)

If all the conditions were met, when the block was rolled back, the amount of the incoming transaction was deducted not from the account balance, but from its hold, which is 0. After subtraction, the hold acquired a negative value.

2. Added a mechanism for analyzing the blockchain to detect a negative hold error

Now, upon first launch, the new version of PrizmCore will check your blockchain. If a negative hold error is found in it, PrizmCore will report it to the log with a message:

“CRITICAL ERROR — Blockchain integrity validation failed”

“Database validation: ERROR — DAMAGED BLOCKCHAIN”

Then PrizmCore will shut down.

Unfortunately, there is no mathematical way to automatically fix this error. If your node reports an error after the update, you need to download the blockchain from scratch or restore the blockchain (prizm_db folder) from a backup created at lower height then 1,200,000. You can also find an official valid snapshot of the blockchain on GitHub (

3. Fixed minor bugs in the web interface

4. Fixed typos in the Russian localization of the web interface

If PrizmCore continues to work after the update, blockchain re-sync is not required. If PrizmCore exits with the errors listed above, then:

You either need to:

  • re-sync the node from scratch
  • restore your own blockchain backup created at a height of less than 1,200,000 blocks or
  • restore an official blockchain backup (torrent file is available on PrizmCore GitHub repository)

Hot switch:

  1. Stop PrizmCore
  2. Set “prizm.version=” inside
  3. Replace the old PrizmEngine.jar with a new one from the latest package prizm-dist-
  4. Delete blockchain (delete prizm_db directory)
  5. (Optional) You can also restore the prizm_db directory from a backup.

Or you can download a snapshot of the “prizm_db” directory on GitHub and unpack it into the PrizmCore directory

6. Start PrizmCore

Prizm Core update

Update avaliable here —



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