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Today in the cryptocurrency world there are many projects, and the key difference between them is the size of the final issue, which affects the decision of investors about the attractiveness of a particular currency.

In this article, we will try to compare the emission size of PRIZM and BITCOIN.

At first glance, this is very simple: BITCOIN has a final issue of 21,000,000 coins (21 million BTC), while PRIZM has a final issue of 6,000,000 coins. (6 billion PZM)

Technically, cryptocurrency is information about changes in balances on user accounts recorded in Blockchain, but technologically this information is taken into account as indivisible units of fractional numbers.

So, one BITCOIN can be divided into 100,000,000 indivisible units, and PRIZM can be divided only into100 indivisible units.

Thus the minimum indivisible particle bitcoin this is 1 (Satoshi) which is 0.000000001BTC, and the minimum indivisible particle PRIZM is 1 (Pricent) which is 0.01PZM.

Let’s now correctly calculate the final issue of BTC and PZM in indivisible units and draw conclusions regarding the economic feasibility of absolute values:

BITCOIN 21000000 * 100000000 = 2100000000000000 (Satoshi)

PRIZM 6000000000 * 100 = 600000000000 (Pricent)

2100000000000000/600000000000 = 3500

Based only on these calculations, we can conclude that when the number of PRIZM cryptocurrency owners is comparable to BITCOIN, we will see the 3500-X profits.

There is potential! It remains to make an effort!

Prizm Core Team

Stay tuned! Share the news! Don’t give up! And May the Force be with you!!

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