Prizm Wallet Light for Android

Updated version of a light wallet for Android.

Manage your assets safely and easily.

📱Prizm Wallet Light Android

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Prizm Gitbook

Dear Friends! We present a new service — Prizm GitBook. Here you can find all the necessary information about the Prizm project, Whitepaper and technical documentation for developers. Share information with your partners.

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PRiZM ROADMAP 2020–2026


2020 — Completion of the software testing phase.

2021 — Completion of the stage of the initial distribution of 50% of the emission.

2022 — Listing on exchanges.

2023 — Listing on exchanges.

2024 — Obtaining international patents for implemented technologies.

2025 — Publication of the source code.

2026 — Advising new PRiZM developers.

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🔘Prizm Official Resources


☝️We have prepared for you a cheat sheet of the official resources of the Prizm payment system. We strongly recommend that you subscribe to the official accounts and sometimes show social…



Prizm Private Key
Prizm Private Key — The Basics

🔑 The private key (password / passphrase) the basics.

🔴 Everyone should know that if you do not have a private key, you are not the owner of your coins.

🔴 Everyone should know that if you lose your private key, you will forever lose access to your wallet.

🔴 Everyone should know that if you haven’t written down, forgot the private key, then it cannot be restored.

🔴 Everyone should know that you cannot send and show a private key to anyone.

🔴 Everyone should know that once again it is better not to enter the private key when logging in, but to enter at the wallet address.

🔴 Everyone should know that the private key is shown only once at the beginning when creating a new wallet — and it must be written down.

🔴 Everyone should know that the private key must be stored incomplete, part on paper, part in head.

🔴 Everyone should know that the private and public keys are not the same thing.

By following these simple rules, you will keep your digital assets safe. Maximum repost!

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PRIZM — a fully decentralized, self-regulating system with native Blockchain and unique PARAMINING technology.